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16 April 2014 @ 12:35 pm
[sticky post] Gon  

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17 November 2018 @ 12:54 pm

I just can't let this great song left not translated right? I was really disappointed with Natsu Hayate and its coupling songs. I feel that they released the single just because it had been long enough since their last single, despite they didn't have any decent song left in the library. The single turned out to be one of their worst single ever, at least for me.

After disappointed with natsu hayate and its coupling songs, I was kind of reluctant to listen Kimi no uta single. But, I read one comment on arama saying that Kimi no uta is much better single than natsu hayate, so I decided to give it a try. Turned out I really like this single! The composition of this single (include coupling songs) is pretty similar with Find the answer (which I also really liked).

Count on me is my favorite song on this single. The upbeat old disco music is both easy listening and catchy! And I love their high pitch voice especially on the chorus. Nevertheless, I think this song is a pain in the ass to sing, lol. I can't imagine they sing this song on a live performance (without lipsync of course). Just look at the lyric and you'll understand why I said that.

Go here: https://ilyricsbuzz.com/2018/10/arashi-count-on-me.html


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coming soon!

19 July 2018 @ 10:09 pm
I believe it has been a very long time since my last post here. I'm still following Arashi, but maybe not as avid as I was. I'm still watching Japanese drama as always. Looking for a good enough drama every season and watch it during my coffee break time or during a meal.

Last season dramas were pretty good. I watched The Confidence Man JP. Kohinata Fumiyo really can act any role. Meanwhile, Nagasawa Masami's acting is still not good enough but the story was pretty interesting. It got a little bit boring in the middle though.

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And now, I'm currently watching another Thai BL. It's still on going. This week it's going to enter the 5th episode. The title is My Tee (actually the official title is 'Cause you're my boy' but I don't like it). Tbh, I like My Tee even much better than MIR or even 2Moons. It's a high school love story, but the story is very deep (actually it's a simple love story with bl's complicating situations). And... I do have to say that I really like Mork the main character, lol. I'm going to have an exclusive post for it, so I'm going to end it here. You can watch its trailer down below:

After so many times re-thinking whether I want a 'real' copy of Utada Hikaru's comeback album -fantome- or not, finally I bought a copy a week ago from cdjapan. The last album I bought aside of Arashi's was Namie Amuro's album and it was like 3 or 4 years ago. This album is definitely deserved to join my collection and this song, Ore no kanojou, was easily climbing to the top of my playlist since my first time listening to the song. The title of the song itself means My girl.

My girl is pretty good looking and she has good manner
She always minds her surrounding and popular within my circle

My girl would never get in the way of my work or hobby
She never asks every detail even when I come home late

The one next to you is me, but she's not me
It's hard for girl, I don't want you to think of me being troublesome

My girl would never bring back up things which we have talked before
A cool guy like me don't need to listen to every trivial thing

I've become tough inside to always play the role as your favorite strong girl but
How long do we have to continue being like this? A fox and raccoon's bewitching game

I want the courage to wish for the thing I really want
That's what I've been thinking about every time we embrace

I want to invite you much deeper than just my body
I want you to touch me much deeper than just my body

I want to invite someone to enter
Someone to find the real me
I want to invite someone to touch me inside
Eternity... Eternity...

I don't have any dream
I wish nothing more than the present
Before you know it, you'll get tired of a boring guy like me, right?

I want to invite you much deeper than just my body
I want you to touch me much deeper than just my body

I want to invite someone to enter
Someone to find the real me
I want to invite someone to touch me inside
Eternity... Eternity...
Inviting you

- Last edited: February 1st, 2017
- Get the song/album from itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fantome/id1157796723
- Kanji from https://ilyricsbuzz.com/2016/09/utada-hikaru-ore-no-kanojo-lyrics.html
A song by Utada Hikaru in her comeback album, Fantôme, released in September 2016.
Song of the year for me.

In the midst of a dream I awoke
Even if I close my eyes I can’t go back any more
The world that was so clear until a moment ago has become an illusion

When I was drenched in sweat you embraced me gently
You engraved so many first times in me

I stretch out my hand to a swaying new leaf
When my head is filled with memories about you
I wonder if my sadness will disappear
Tell me when…

At least I’m not alone today
I should be happy with that
I should be fine to continue living like this, but…

I’m running out of breath in this fight I can’t win
Memories of you are burned deep inside my body
If I forget them, I would disappear
Tell me, the correct way to bid a farewell

Somebody help me
My head is filled with memories about you
I want to ask you so many things right now
They’re just keep overflowing, overflowing

New buds are born
Months are changing
I want to convey this never changing feeling
Be free
Free yourself
The standing still shadow of the escorting people

My memories are suddenly
Violently grasp me and won’t let go
I love you, more and more
An endless midsummer shower

In the midst of a dream I awoke
Even if I close my eyes I can’t go back any more
The future you were there until a while ago
Visiting upon tomorrow

In this long endless rain
my thirst won’t be quenched

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It's been awhile since the last time I translated song lyric and here I am, bring you my latest work (smirk).
The lyric is awfully honest yet it's so cute. The overflowing feeling is (certainly!) delivered gently through the honest words in the lyric. If you ever need the romaji lyric, you can scroll down this entry through the lj-cut.

The chime is delaying in that warm sunny spot. I take a deep breath as the wind is gently brushing through my cheek
The roundabout tears and the tomorrow we named are an overlapping future-colored line
This Innocent feeling and the day when we were laughed so much, I hope I can treasure them
Through the disconnected moments we had, you gave me a lot of 'first time'
I'll connect it to you, it will reach you...

Your back as you were laughing in that twilight afterschool was secretly whispering through the inside of this untouched feeling
The you inside of me and the me inside of you are an entwined future-colored line
The smell of the town after the rain and the dream-like secret I hold dear in my heart
No matter how much I wanted to cry, I ended up smiling again
I hope I can jump into your heart faster than what I ever thought
I'll connect it to you, it will reach you...

More than every important person in your life, the one who stood right in front of you so that you wouldn't get hurt was me
Even if those words turn out to be exchanged for a goodbye, that's exactly what I feel

This innocent feeling and the day when we were laughed so much, I hope I can treasure them
I will become more like an adult, surpassing the me who wanted to become like you
I'll connect it to you, right now
It will reach you...

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