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17 November 2018 @ 12:54 pm

I just can't let this great song left not translated right? I was really disappointed with Natsu Hayate and its coupling songs. I feel that they released the single just because it had been long enough since their last single, despite they didn't have any decent song left in the library. The single turned out to be one of their worst single ever, at least for me.

After disappointed with natsu hayate and its coupling songs, I was kind of reluctant to listen Kimi no uta single. But, I read one comment on arama saying that Kimi no uta is much better single than natsu hayate, so I decided to give it a try. Turned out I really like this single! The composition of this single (include coupling songs) is pretty similar with Find the answer (which I also really liked).

Count on me is my favorite song on this single. The upbeat old disco music is both easy listening and catchy! And I love their high pitch voice especially on the chorus. Nevertheless, I think this song is a pain in the ass to sing, lol. I can't imagine they sing this song on a live performance (without lipsync of course). Just look at the lyric and you'll understand why I said that.

Go here: https://ilyricsbuzz.com/2018/10/arashi-count-on-me.html


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